Air New Zealand x Tourism New Zealand Online Promotion Campaign
Air New Zealand boosted its advertising ROI and online flight bookings by 100%+ after running a cross-channel campaign with iClick Interactive.

New Zealand is not a hot destination for Hong Kong travelers due to the relatively long travelling time and fierce competition from other Asian countries.

With an aim to promote New Zealand as a delightful travel destination and boost online flight ticket sales, ANZ joined hands with TNZ to run a joint campaign to bolster the image of the two brands, which had opted to partner with iClick Interactive to optimize the campaign’s target audience reach.


Leveraging iClick Interactive’s multidimensional data map, we identified ANZ’s target audience groups by analyzing the digital footprints internet users left online across channels and devices. We also analyzed user data from ANZ’s previous campaigns and TNZ’s website to enhance the precision of target audience identification for more effective media buying.

We then harnessed iClick Interactive’s proprietary one-stop platform to aggregate, bid and optimize multi-screen media buying across search, display and social channels to boost brand awareness and online ticket sales.

As the campaign continued, data collected across the ANZ and TNZ websites were used to drive effective retargeting via identification of shared cookies. User behaviors along the conversion path were captured for further segmentation to enhance retargeting effectiveness.


The campaign scooped the Best Branding Campaign award at Yahoo Big Idea Chair Awards 2015.


increase in online flight bookings
decrease in cost-per-action (CPA)
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