Consumers expect brands to meet their
real-time demands.

Our proprietary platform helps you grasp these micro-moment opportunities.

Harness our data-driven marketing platform and start your audience targeting journey now.

There is a way to cut through the complexity and reach the right audience effectively. We show you how in this video.

Our data and technology capabilities explained.

Our proprietary marketing technology platform is a precise integration of data, technology and media connections.

Data is the fuel.

Our platform collects a wealth of data from multiple sources every millisecond.

This includes first party data from digital campaigns and third party data from connected publishers, content sites, search engines, social media, mobile apps, as well as ad networks and ad exchanges.

The ever-increasing amount of data allows us to understand Internet users in a multi-dimensional manner, and makes scalable data intelligence possible.

Media is where ads meet the audience.

Through our platform’s extensive media connections, we help marketers precisely reach the right audience at the right moment, on the right channel and right device.

Currently, our platform’s connections cover content sites, video sites, social platforms, mobile apps, search engines, ad networks and ad exchanges – enabling us to deliver ads in an omni-channel manner.

Through these channels, we now effectively reach 98% of the Internet users in mainland China.

Technology is the brain.

Using the large amount of data available, our technology identifies the different characters, traits or behavior of each user. We call this audience profiling.

These have now added up to more than 665 million anonymously profiled Internet users in China on our platform.

With this robust and ever-growing base of profiles, our technology readily identifies the target audience groups each advertiser has in mind and takes one step further to expand the pool based on our own data intelligence, exponentially widening target audience reach.