Volkswagen’s Passat Mobile Programmatic Ad Campaign
Volkswagen Passat’s mobile ad campaign achieved an average CTR of 1.38%, with 370+ test drive registrations generated within two weeks.

Volkswagen Passat aimed to boost test drive participation in Guangzhou during the National Day Golden Week. As the campaign strictly targeted Guangzhou residents only, the size of core target audience group became extremely small. There was a need to precisely expand the reach to other highly potential audiences in the city.

The brand’s target audiences are primarily high-income groups, which meant traditional marketing tactics such as discount offers or premium giveaways were not likely to appeal to them.


As the campaign was run right before the Mid-Autumn Festival, we opted to appeal to a core value of the target audiences – family union – to facilitate registration.

Leveraging iClick Interactive’s multidimensional data map, we identified the characteristics of Volkswagen Passat’s core target audience group. We then adopted the “look-alike” strategy to algorithmically expand target audience reach to 11%+ of the city’s population.

Display ads were then delivered programmatically via our platform, which landed target audiences to an interactive mobile registration page. Appealing via festive joys, we significantly boosted audiences’ interest in the test drive initiative as well as conversion rate of the campaign.

average CTR
test drive registrations in two weeks
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